The Ripple Rug – Thermal Cat Activity Play Mat – Made in USA – Fun Interactive Play – Training – Scratching – Multi Use Habitat Bed Mat

  • Multi-Function Activity Center Creates Fun, Interactive Play. Perfect for Kitten and Behavioral Training – All While Saving Your Furniture
  • Pets Scratch, Stretch, Groom, Pounce & Nap on the Ripples or Inside Tunnels – Hide Toys or Treats Inside and Watch Them Go Wild Hunting and Stalking – Great Cat Toy
  • Keeps Them Entertained – Infinite Configurations Helps to Prevent Boredom – Create a New Play Space Anytime, All The Time
  • 5x Larger Than Other Cat Mats – Room to Play or Rest – Thermally Insulated Non-Slip Rubber Bottom Makes for a Warm Bed with No Electricity
  • Made in The USA using 100% Recycled Plastic Bottles – Safe – Non-Toxic – Patent Pending


This is the Amazon version of the Ripple Rug ***The Ripple Rug is a versatile pet / cat activity mat designed to meet your cat’s natural instincts. It’s a first of its kind invention. *Visit the official Ripple Rug site to watch videos in action!* It meets all 5 pillars of a healthy feline environment; a safe haven, a predatory play space, an environment allowing positive human interaction. It respects a cat’s sense of smell, and is a place to rest and recover. ‘Made in the USA’ using 100% recycled plastic bottles, it’s strong and durable, soft, yet perfect for kitty claws or teeth. Your cat will love the coziness of the ripples to sleep + snuggle in or on top. You can reshape it anytime to give your cat a new play space. The touch points allow for simple ‘lift and release’ so you can easily create new shapes. Change it daily, or leave alone and watch your cat reshape it, by pushing against it. The varied sized holes act as tunnels and hideouts, holes can be expanded. Cats love hiding inside or stalking you. Don’t be surprised if they jump out to tap your leg and pounce as you walk by. The small holes are perfect for a cat to stick their paws through and play with you. All medium to large holes have safety slits for larger cat expansion. The non-slip rubber bottom is insulated; providing a cozy bed that deadens sound; NO POWER REQUIRED. It’s Non-Toxic; Mold, Mildew, + Stain resistant. It has been laboratory tested. Wash with just soap and water. Unlike large cat furniture, it folds up for easy storage. It’s super light, making it very portable for indoor/outdoor use. Move it around from room to room, give your cat “its own” place near you. This is especially great when working on my laptop, our cat loves sitting on the rug instead of my keyboard. Your cat will love it and so will you! We are proud to say it is ‘MADE IN THE USA’.

Important Information

Safety Information

Safety is our #1 priority. We meet all USA safety guidelines (it’s your fur baby). We use only the highest quality US textiles. The safety slits allow larger cats to fit through holes. Safety slits can be extended with a pair of scissors if needed. There’s no guarantee your pet will fit. Our 11lb cat fits easily. Supervised play is recommended. Always use top and bottom together to ensure safety, top may be slippery if used alone.Touchpoints are designed for ultimate cat safety. Touchpoints employ a safe fusion technology. We don’t use harsh smelling glues or hazardous threads that could later be swallowed. If a cat should come under extreme duress, touchpoints are designed to release to ensure your cat’s safety. If for any reason a touchpoint should release, they can be easily reattached. Contact us for instructions; and/or an ‘add a touch-point’ kit.Please do not attempt to manually peel off Touch-points. It is possible for humans to pull them off; a child safety mechanism. Released touch-points are not sticky, this too is a safety measure. They won’t get stuck to your cat’s fur or bottom of your foot. The touchpoint system has been laboratory tested for over 1000 uses. We use Ribbed Needle Punch Polyester Tufted carpet, NOT looped threads through a substrate. We care about your pet!!


Simply unfold carpets. Place bottom rug non-slip side down on the floor. Next, place 2nd rug with Velcro® touchpoints facing downward to attach rugs together. Touchpoints are pressed down to attached and lift to release. Watch our How-to-shape instructional videos on the Ripple Rug website. Oil and fur will collect and make the top rug soft over time. A simple cleaning will remove oils and make it springy like new again. It must be cleaned to maintain stiffness.

Legal Disclaimer

SnugglyCat Inc. and affiliates do not offer guarantee or warranty regarding performance and safety of the Ripple Rug. We feel that our products are pet-friendly and safe. We will not be held in any way responsible for misuse, neglect, product tampering, or inappropriate use of the product on the part of the operator. If you find that your product is defective, please contact us and report the problem. In addition, SnugglyCat Inc. shall not be liable for any kind of damage, whether direct or indirect, resulting from use of our products. To ensure the safety of your pet, supervise your pet during play with this product. Always use top and bottom rug together, do not use top separately. Also be aware that your cat may be hiding from view, inside their Ripple Rug at any time.

Seller Warranty Description

We offer a replacement warranty should your product be manufacturing defective. Please send a picture of your defective unit with explaination, and we will replace it free of charge. Damage from wear and tear is not considered a defect. If you wish to return your Ripple Rug for a refund; it must be in New condition, untouched by pet and scent free. Every buyer deserves a first time use, scent-free, brand new experience. Used returns with hair, excrement or any matter will be partially refunded and donated to charity. You have our 100% guarantee that all shipped items are Brand New, Never used, and Never touched by a pet. We hope you can appreciate our dedication to your pets health and safety. We maintain an ‘Always New, Always Sanitary’ ethos, pet safety is our highest priority. Reshipping and freight forwarding orders will be cancelled as they are against Amazon policy.