Pro Pet Works Cat Nail Clippers

  • >PROFESSIONAL GROOMING PET NAIL CLIPPERS FOR YOUR CAT: These grooming pet nail clippers are comfortable and easy to use with a non slip grip handle. Made of high quality stainless steel, these grooming clippers are razor sharp for a smooth, precise cut. Your cat will love you for not taking them to the groomer or veterinarian for a nail trim. We include very detailed instructions on how to clip your pets nails right the first time without hurting them, including pets with dark nails. 
  • >GROOMING NAIL FILE AND GUARD INCLUDED : These trimmers come with a built in nail file for smoothing over any rough nail edges after cutting. The built in nail guard helps to prevent over cutting of the nail. 
  •  >RECOMMENDED BY PROFESSIONAL GROOMERS AND VETS: The Pro Pet Works Pet nail clippers are ergonomically designed and an easy to use grooming tool. These trimmers are recommended by trainers, veterinarians, and professional groomers nationwide. Pro Pet Works pet nail clippers takes the guesswork out of grooming your pet.
  • >WE STRIVE FOR COMPLETE CUSTOMER SATISFACTION: If you’re not completely satisfied, we will refund your purchase price, no questions asked. 


Professional strength grooming clippers made from stainless steel

These grooming clipper/trimmers are made to cut any dog or cats nails with very little effort. The razor sharp stainless steel blade allows for a clean, precise cut. These clipper/trimmers are heavy duty and professional grade quality. (Best dog grooming clippers)

Nail file integrated into the handle with nonslip gripWith the convenient nail file included in the handle, you can file down any rough edges. The non slip grip handle also makes this a great tool for comfort and precise clipping and trimming. These professional grade grooming clippers can be used for small, medium and large breeds.

Equipped with a built in nail guard, which makes grooming easier 

The built in guard makes it easier for medium to larger breeds. For Cats or smaller breeds we have included a very detailed explanation on how to clip your pets nails without hurting them.

>Precision, stainless steel blade
>Nail file included
>No slip grip for comfort and control
>Built in guard
>Detailed instructions on how to groom your pet right the first time
>100% Money back guarantee

Grooming is always a breeze with Pro Pet Works trimmers.