Petories Lion Head Design Self Warming Pet House and Bed with Removable Cushion for Small Cats

Unique and Comfortable Pet House For Your Little Friends!

Give your favorite cat or puppy the house it deserves and make your fellow pet owners a little jealous. They are bound to ask you where you got the Petories pet house from. Make sure to tell them!

Our lion head pet house measures 15’’ long, 15’’ deep 11’’ tall. The opening has 8’’ x 10’’ dimensions.

Safe and Comfortable

Made from the softest short plush, our pet house will be the coziest place for your cat or puppy to rest. Keep it steady in one place on your floor with no worries. Its bottom material has an anti-slippery quality which adds friction with the floor, so your pet will not accidentally move it.

Attractive, Self-Warming Pillow

Cats love the crinkly sound that our pillow makes when they move on it! It is also self-warming, keeping the heat of the environment inside, just for your pet to enjoy!

Lightweight and Collapsible

Weighing very little and easily collapsible to hold the least amount of space, you will have no trouble storing or packing the Petories pet house.

Original, Fun Design

Our lion head design for a pet house is an original idea that many find adorable. Make your pet area in your home stand out by getting something pretty and out of the ordinary for your pet. Your guests will love it, not as much as your pet of course!

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  • FUN HOUSING FOR YOUR PET: Have a happier pet with providing a place to call its own. Designed to fit smaller cats or puppies, our pet house and bed will be their favorite place to rest, snuggle, and hide – It’s also a fun decoration! – Size: 15″ Wide x 15″ Deep and the enterence is 8″ by 10″
  • SOFT MATERIAL: Made from soft and warm short plush material, any pet will feel comfortable in its special bed. The outer layer is also soft and velvety but will withstand bites and scratches of smaller pets. The pillow itself will entertain your cat with its crinkly sound and warms itself from the environment, keeping your pet cozy!
  • SECURE PLACEMENT: Don’t worry about your cat’s tendency to enter its home at a faster pace, since the bottom of the house is manufactured with non-slip material, with friction that will keep it steady on the floor.
  • EASY STORE, EASY CARRY: Lightweight and collapsible, our pet house will occupy the smallest space when you want it to. Easy to store in a closet or under the bed, just as easy to pack for travel so your pet can keep its house on your vacation destination.
  • UNIQUE DESIGN: Why go with a pet house that looks the same everyone else’s? Our cute lion head design makes it stand out and it will delight your friends and other pet lovers. Let your cat proudly rest in the protective mouth of its not-so-distant relative.