Pet Zone EZ Scoop Self Cleaning Cat Litter Box

  • Easy to use, push, flip, pull and done as one easy scooping motion cleans the whole box
  • Traps and eliminates odors with carbon zeolite filter in waste storage bin
  • Slippery surface coating makes scooping a breeze with no stubborn sticking of clumps
  • Comes with one odor neutralizing filter and four no touch bags for safe, hygienic disposal of waste
  • Easy maintenance with quick disassembly for cleaning


Tired of endless scooping and scraping? EZ Scoop No Touch litter box system reduces litter box frustration by providing the odor-trapping and waste storage benefits of an automatic litter box, but at a more budget-friendly price!
Cleans, scoops, and stores in one easy handle action! Simply use the convenient handle to sweep the rake down the length of the box. The rake is designed to leave behind as much clean litter as possible while clumps are scooped into the bag-lined, odor-trapping waste bin.
Easy, no-touch cleanup, special no-stick coating, and worry-free daily maintenance make EZ Scoop the next generation in litter box systems.
A perfect addition for the multi-cat household too! Special no-stick coating on pan to prevent sticking on bottom. Includes advanced carbon zeolite filter to eliminate odor and four no-touch waste bag liners
Proudly MADE IN THE USA. Patent Pending
Cat and Consumer Benefits
  • Pre-Assembled – No assembly required
  • Easy Waste Cleaning – Push, Pull, Flip—Done
  • Coated lining keeps litter from sticking making scooping a breeze
  • Works with any clumping litter – Keeps costs down and your cat happy
  • Wastes Less Clean Litter in Box – Costs less to maintain
  • Easy Maintenance – Quick to disassemble for cleaning
  • Metal Rake – able to lift heavy clumps without breaking or bending, increases life of machine
  • Odor Catching Filter – Traps and holds odor and keeps smell from escaping into your home
  • No Touch Waste bags-hygienic for the owner, less likely to spread bacteria
  • Rubber Feet-keeps box from moving and shifting, keeps floors protected
  • One Year Warranty