Nail Clippers with Big Handles for Cat Small-breed Dog Puppy & Small Animals

Pet Nail Trimming Made Easy

Long nails break easily, causing pain to your lovely pet. Leaving them unchecked, they can cause walking difficulty, pain and soreness and arthritis to your pet. Learn to trim them so that you don’t have to rely on professional groomers all the time. With these clippers, you can easily perform the task of nail trimming. No longer a struggle with your cat or small pet animal!

Sharp, Sturdy, Handy

The Ebelyn nail clippers for cats and small animals are made of excellent stainless steel blades enabling precise, clean and fast cut. The scissors-like design makes it use to handle. Cleaning is straightforward.

The semi-circular indentations at the tip of the blades allow you to see the portion of nails that you are cutting, making the process of trimming safer.



  • Excellent design make nail clipping easy
  • Special design with big handles and small blades makes nail clipping fast and clean
  • Scissors-like design. Blade indentations improve safety during trimming. Excellent stainless steel blades for precise, clean and fast cut
  • Good for cat, puppies, small-breed dogs and small animals like rabbits
  • Handles 2.5 x 2.5 inch.