Modern Cat Designs Litter Box Hider

Based on our popular Contemporary Litter Hider our Large Litter Box Hider allows you to easily conceal large litter pans and most automatic litter boxes

Two large swinging doors allow you to quickly remove the litter pan for cleaning

A couple of hooks inside allow you to suspend a bag and quickly remove waste

A solid top shelf adds a level of functionality converting your litter box into a stylish piece of furniture only you will know.

We use the same proven materials as our original Litter Hider a stylish chrome plated frame with a dark mahogany high pressure laminate finish that protects against spills while requiring very little maintenance

Features. Spill resistant finish.

Accommodates most electronic litter boxes.

Convenient top shelf.

Hinged double doors for easy cleaning.

Polished chrome accents.

Two small holes on each lower back side to allow electrical cords.

Scoop hook.

Dog Proof Specifications.

Color Brown.

Dimensions 198 H x 171 W x 299 L.

Weight 65 lbs


  • Spill resistant finish
  • Accommodates most electronic litter boxes
  • Convenient top shelf
  • Hinged double doors for easy cleaning
  • Polished chrome accents