Littermaid LM980 Mega Self Cleaning Litter Box for Multiple Cats

  • Strong, durable drive mechanism
  • Extra-large size with high side walls
  • Designed for multi-cat households or for cats over 15 lbs
  • Removable automatic rake for easy cleaning
  • Safety bar to stop rake in case of blockage


The LitterMaid(R) LM980 Classic MEGA Self-Cleaning Litter Box, with adjustable programming, works to scoop waste between major cleanings. This unique litter box makes it easier for cat owners to work late or travel and is especially ideal for pregnant mothers, the elderly, or those with limited physical mobility. The LitterMaid(R) LM980 is ideally sized for multi-cat households and holds 50% more litter than other self-cleaning litter boxes. Each LM980 Classic Self-Cleaning Litter Box comes with:

  • 4 Waste Receptacles
  • 4 Carbon Filters
  • Paw Cleaning Ramp
  • Scoop and Rake Cleaner
  • AC Adapter
  • Back-Up battery Compartment

How the LM980 works

The LitterMaid(R) LM980 works by automatically scooping your cat’s waste into a sealed, disposable receptacle.  The attached carbon filter works to absorb and remove odors. Timed, dual-motion sensors activate ten minutes after you cat has exited the box to quickly scoop and remove any new waste. The LM980 can also be manually activated for as-necessary cleaning. There is a detachable rake mechanism designed for efficient and easy cleaning, new and improved high-sidewalls that help to prevent litter scatter, and an included scoop and rake cleaner that makes clean-up a breeze.