Crazy Cat Lady Gift Set

The Crazy Cat Lady gift bag is filled with all the treasures to make a perfect present for that crazy cat lady in your life.

Gift items include:

  • crazy cat lady action figure with cats
  • crazy cat lady coloring book
  • refrigerator magnet
  • crazy cat lady band-aids
  •  kitchen towel
  • 2 little fuzzy kitty toys.


  • Crazy Cat Lady Gift Bag filled with everything your crazy cat lady will enjoy. It makes a wonderful fun gift.
  • Bundle includes: one gift bag, action figure with cats, approx 2.5′ x 3.5′ magnet, cotton kitchen towel, bandages, coloring book, hanging auto air freshener and two fur toys for the resident kitty too.
    • Crazy cat lady action figure comes with 6 cats, hard vinyl and crazy eyed look.
    • Coloring book is perfect for day or night time entertainment.
    • Bandage container includes 15 bandages with 3 different images.
    • The magnet reads “Yes, I am the Cat Lady.”
    • Kitchen towel is printed with black and red hearts and paw prints and says, “All you need is love and a cat.”