Odor Free Corner Cat Litter Box Cabinet.

  • Made in America by cat owners for cat owners.
  • This product eliminates odors, it has no odor of its own, no more masking odors with a fragrance. Now you can have your litter box where you want it, no odor or ugly box.
  • The coating is 100% safe for pets and children.
  •  This furniture comes ready to use made of wood, not MDF that you have to assemble yourself.
  • This cabinet is larger than our standard cabinet, so it will accommodate a larger litter box, such as a LitterMaid or two boxes.
  • Our coating has the same killing power as carbon except our coating has over 60 times the surface area, plus our product works as a catalyst meaning it never stops working.
  • Have you ever noticed how bad you plastic cat tray smells even when you clean it? That’s because smells leach into plastic. We coat the plastic tray to stop this happening, which also gives it the added benefit of killing any bacteria on the tray 24/7 for years.


  • Odor free Cat Furniture litter box. Made in USA
  • Using our coating with the right light spectrum will eliminate ODORS.
  • With a surface area over 60 times more than most cat box carbon filters, new odors are destroyed quickly.
  • Unlike carbon filters that have to be changed our coating never needs reapplying. The cat tray is also coated to stop the tray absorbing the litter smell.
  • Please allow 8-10 weeks for delivery of these custom made cabinets.