Catit Design Senses Fountain with Water Softening Cartridge, 3L

  • Catit Design Senses Drinking Fountain provides your cat with a continuous indoor source of cool, fresh-tasting, filtered water that encourages your pet to drink more.
  • Drinking more water helps ensure proper kidney function, helping to prevent crystal formation that can lead to urinary diseases.
  • The fountain includes a water softening filter that softens hard water by removing excess calcium and magnesium, typically found in tap water, to help maintain a healthy lower urinary tract.
  • The fountain’s surface is designed to retain water inside the unit while your cat drinks.


  • Large water-to-air surface maximizes oxygenation for fresher, better tasting water
  • Re-circulating system cools and aerates water
  • Consumes less than 4 watts, using less power than a night light
  • Advanced filtration purifies water by absorbing water impurities such as debris, food, hair and sediment
  • Water capacity: 100 fluid ounce