Cat Lover’s Diamond Heart Necklace, Sterling Silver and 10k Yellow Gold Necklace, 18″ with Charm Pet Collar Tag

  • The Tender Voices® ASPCA Collection Diamond Embellished Heart Featuring Happy Kitty is Crafted with a Polished, 10k Yellow Gold Collar Surrounded by Polished Sterling Silver
  • Two-Tone Diamond Kitty Heart Pendant Measures 30.00 Millimeters High X 22.70 Millimeters Wide X 4.50 Millimeters Thick or 1.18 Inches Tall by .89 Inches Wide by .18 Inches Thick
  • The Heart Kitty Pendant is Suspended from a 1.25 Millimeter, Sterling Silver Cable Chain, 18 Inches in Length
  • The Necklace Comes with a Sterling Silver Round Charm Tag with Yellow Gold Plated Silver Triggerless Clip for Your Furry Angel
  • A Portion of All Proceeds Goes to the ASPCA to Advance Humane Treatment of Animals; Necklace and Charm Come Gift Boxed





“If there were to be a universal sound depicting peace, I would surely vote for the purr.” -Author, Barbara L. Diamond

Sleek and artistic, this beautiful cat profile cleverly designed in sterling silver and yellow gold plated collar with a diamond studded, cut-out heart is a wonderful homage to being chosen as that special feline’s person; the one who graciously lets you serve and protect him or her. The tail cleverly encircles the chain as a bail. This necklace also includes a bit of bling for the special one; a two-tone, sterling silver clip on collar charm. Not only do you get beautiful jewelry; each ASPCA (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) Tender Voices purchase has a portion of proceeds going to the ASPCA. The diamond is a perfect expression of you and your furry angel; reflecting rarity, brilliance and breathtaking fire of a gem which survived a journey of billions of years. Symbol of devotion, honor and strength, the elegance of a diamond makes it perfect for life’s important occasions. These diamonds are conflict free and in compliance with the Kimberly Code of Conduct.

It’s fitting this is crafted in sterling silver. Sterling silver is reflective and mirrors the soul, it is said it brings calm and balance to the wearer. Shaman believe silver gives the wearer use of the moon energy offering protection from negativity and evil and offers a deep respect for Mother Earth. Sterling Silver is 92.5 percent silver and 7.5 percent copper. Copper is silver’s best companion since it improves the hardness and durability of silver, yet allows the silver to retain its beautiful color.

The rising price of silver makes this, quite simply, a great investment all around

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