Bengoo Cat Nail Clippers with Nail File

  • The Bengoo pet nail clipper is  ergonomically designed  and easy-to-use.
  • Not for large pets(No more than 20 lbs).
  • The pet nail clippers are made out of high quality 3.5 mm thick stainless steel sharp blades and are powerful enough to trim your dogs or cats nails  quickly and effectively for stress-free cuts.
  • Easy to hold, the non-slip rubber handle makes for a firm grip, preventing you from accidentally cutting your cat or small dog!
  • The clippers are safely outfitted with a safety stop blade that greatly reduces the risk of snipping nails too short and  cutting in to the quick.
  • Safety Guard locks blades for safe and easy storage when not in use. 
  • Comes with a file for grinding nails that are hard to reach with the clipper.


Top Quality Stainless Steel Construction
Made with high grade stainless steel, these durable clippers won’t bend, scratch or rust, and the blades will stay sharp even after multiple uses.
Precise Cutting for Health and Comfort
Sharp blades let you work faster, with less effort, and cut the nail cleanly without ragged edges that have to be filed.
For All Cats and Small and Medium Size 
These clippers are designed specifically for all cats and small and medium size dogs that are under 20 lbs.
Safety Lock
When they’re not in use, the Bengoo clippers can besafely  locked  in the closed position.
Secure Grip Rubber Coated Handles
The handles are shaped to fit your hand and coated with anti-slip rubber for a firm grip.