Automatic Feeder SMART White/Black

  • SMARTY Automatic Petfeeder by SpoiledHippo – NEW LAUNCH PRICE –With This Great Offer Feeding of Your Beloved Pet Will Never Be Easier. Simply Refill SMARTY Once a Week and Let Him Do the Work for You.
  • CUSTOMER SERVICE – This Is What Makes Us Special. Our Dedicated Team Will Be Here to Assist You at All Times. Get In Touch With Us and We Will Be Happy to Walk You Through the Installation Process, Feeding Set-Up or Weekly Maintenance.
  • IDEAL SIZE – The Total Capacity of the Hopper is 4 lbs (Standard Size of Small Dog Food Packaging). You can Set Up 4 Meals per Day. For Each Meal You Can Choose From 10 Different Portion Sizes. We Do Not Recommend to Use Portion Size 1 as It Is Just Too Small Even for the Smallest Dogs. You Can Set Up AUTO Feeding Plan for Every Day but Also Drop a Little Snack with MANUAL Feeding Function.
  • COOL FUNCTIONALITIES – SMARTY Is Equipped with HD Camera So You Can Check on Your Pet while Eating or Make HD Photos. You Can Also Record Different Voice Messages which Will Be Played Upon Every Feeding. From Your Application You Can Easily Share Best Photos or Weight Gains on Social Media with Your Friends.
  • USEFUL TIPS and TRICKS – GOOD for Small and Medium Sized Dogs and Cats, GOOD for Dry Food Only, Operated by Mobile Application (iPhone 7.5 and above and Android 4.0 and above), Connected via WI-FI (2.4 GHz ONLY; will NOT work with 5 GHz wifi network), Powered by AC Cable (2pcs included) or 3 d Batteries (not included). Batteries are ONLY as Prevention from Power Outage. To Use Application, Feeder Must Be Plugged in. We Recommend WEEKLY Maintenance. Instruction Manual Included.


How do I operate the device?
SMARTY can be easily operated via mobile applicatiom. APP requirements: Android 4.0 or above, IOS: 7.5  Detailed instructions on How to download app and connect SMARTY with mobile device are enclosed in USER MANUAL.

How do I connect SMARTY with Mobile APP?
In order to connect SMARTY with Your mobile device, You will need Wi-Fi 2.4 GHz. Will NOT work with 5GHz network. Step by Step How to pair devices instruction is in USER MANUAL.

How Often Should I Clean the feeder?
We highly recommend to clean the feeder on a WEEKLY basis. It is very simple. You just pull the inner bucket out, pour the food out. Clean the inside of the feeder. Put the inner bucket back and Refill with Food.

What other features does SMARTY have?
With SMARTY You can watch Your Pet Eating on You mobile phone, record voice messages, which will be played automatically before feeding and share the best moment on social media. Mobile App also keeps track of feeding history, weight and age of your pet.

What if feeder runs out of food?
SMARTY has special sensors. If theres in no food in the bucket, You will receive the message on your mobile device so you know its time to refill the feeder. The same message will be sent if the food gets stuck or if theres is too much food in trey.

Product Description
Product size: 9.8 inch x 11.8 inch x 15 inch (with tray )
Camera: 100,000,0 pixels, view angle 120°
Hopper capacity: 4 lbs
Rated Voltage: 110-240V
power adapter voltage: 5V/2A
Package content
1 x SMARTY – Automatic Pet Feeder
2 x power adapter voltage: 5V/2A
1 x User Manual

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