America Phoenix Multi Color Newest Cat Tree Condo Furniture Scratch Post Perch Post Pet House Perch Activity Trees

  • Boards are made of compressed wood and covered in soft faux fur
  • Comes with assembly instructions, bolts, and Allen key
  • Multiple scratch posts wrapped in sisal rope
  • Amenities: Condos, Ramps, Play Mouse, Perches
  • Multi-Level design


Comfortable fabrics, exquisite design, this cat tree is a magic castle, park and cosy nest for your beloved cat. This cat tree is a perfect entertainment for cat climbing, hiding and having a rest. It is suitable for both cats and kittens, and can be used for 1 to 6 cats playing. Made of E1 grade particleboard which is carefully selected, this cat tree has a strong bearing capacity and high stability. The sisal rope which is covering the cat post, not only can prevent the cat condo shaking, but also can be used for the cat scratch so that your fabric sofa, wooden furniture and shoes can escape from being scratched.