Oriental Cat Breed

The Oriental Cat

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The Oriental is quite vocal and will give you his opinion whether you want it or not. In addition he expects your to take his advice to heart and act on it immediately. This breed is very affectionate and will shadow you throughout the home always willing to lend a paw whether you need it or not. If a lap is available expect the Oriental to be curled up in it. At night be prepared to share your covers and pillow with this cat.

Orientals are very demanding of your time and do not like to be left alone. If you are not home all day consider getting another cat or dog to keep the Oriental company. They are also quite smart and very active and agile. Interactive and teaser toys will be favorites. A large busy cat tree is perfect for the Oriental. If bored this breed can get into trouble, opening doors and cabinets, unrolling the roll of toilet paper or shopping online for catnip.

The Oriental is perfect for the owner who wants to spend a lot of time with their cat. They are very affectionate and loving and will provide lots of laughter for years to come.

Breed Characteristics

Life Span

10-15 years


5-10 lbs







Pet Friendly

Easy To Groom​

Friendly To Stangers


The Oriental cat can be prone to the following health issues:

  • Amyloidosis that can affect the liver with protein deposits.
  • Asthma
  • Heart defects like aortic stenosis
  • Ocular issues like rapid eye movement, crossed eyes and progressive retinal atrophy
  • Gastrointestinal issues
  • Hyperesthesia syndrome that causes these cats to over groom themselves and dislike being touched.
  • Lymphoma


The Oriental has a very fine short coat. Minimal grooming is needed. Combing monthly to remove dead hair can help maintain a shiny coat.

Brush teeth daily if possible. Nails should be trimmed monthly. Eye discharge can be cleaned with a clean soft damp cloth. Check ears regularly and clean any dirt with a cotton ball. If the ears smell yeasty or your cat is shaking his head a lot seek medical attention.

The litter box should be cleaned daily. A dirty box can result in your Oriental eliminating in other areas of your home.

The Oriental should be kept inside or supervised or in a cat enclosure outdoors. This will prevent harm due to predators like dogs or coyotes, diseases from other cats and someone stealing this beautiful cat.

Coat Color

Orientals come in a myriad of patterns and colors, more than any other breed. They can be a solid color, smoked or shaded, tabby, or bi/parti colored. The eyes are typically blue or green although on a rare occasion the Oriental can have one green and one blue eye.

Children and Other Pets

The Oriental fits in very well with a busy household. They thrive on activity and will enjoy interacting with children who teach them tricks and how to fetch. They also get along well with other cats and cat-friendly dogs.

Rescue Groups

Specialty Purebred Cat Rescue

Adopt a Pet