Sunday Selfies – Week 50

I've never met a cat that didn't like to strike a pose and Bob is no different. Here are his Sunday Selfies for the week!

If I Fits, I Sits.

He's really never met a bag or a box he couldn't find a way to "fits and sits."

Sunday Selfie

A Study In Still Life - Bob Style

Bob always turns up the adorable like 10 notches when he's napping on my lap.  I think mainly so I won't move him.  He and I decided we'd go for a more artistic shot of this nap by shooting in black and white.

Black and White Sunday Selfie

Of course, napping is always such a tricky proposition...

Napping Is Such A Gamble

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  1. I like the B&W selfie, and I imagine that there was some purring going on there! Yup, that last pose is just how my peep looks most mornings after chasing my mice around at 2am. I generally look like the first pose!
    Purrs ERin

    1. Hi Princess Erin! Thanks for swinging by. You’re right, there is always some purr action going on at nap time. I generally look like the “nap gamble” cat when I get up. LOL. Have a terrific week!

    1. Thanks Ellen! He’s my boy. His sister Spice (originally there were 3 of them – Sugar, Spice, and Bob), is very anti-social. Bob is the complete opposite. Always up in your business wanting to be the center of attention. Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

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