Moody Monday

I'm not sure who's happier the kitty litter was delivered today, me or Bob.  And while we're talking about kitty litter, if you have Amazon Prime (which is the only way I'd do it) and you haven't checked out Precious Cat kitty litter what are you waiting for?  This stuff is AMAZING!

I decided to try it out when I was restricted after surgery and couldn't be lugging 40 pounds of Tidy Cat up the driveway.  It clumps WAY better than Tidy Cat, doesn't have an overwhelming scent which can put cats off from the box, and isn't NEAR as dusty.  Seriously.  I.  Love.  This.  Stuff.

Now that I have Prime, I don't buy cat food or kitty litter at the local big box pet store, so I'm not sure if they carry this locally.  It's so nice opening the door and having it right there!

This wasn't meant to be my ode to kitty litter, it was so Bob could show you his new box.  Last I checked, Spice was in the hallway making sure the box didn't eat him, (or maybe hoping it would), before she got too close.​

Moody Monday
Moody Monday

Do you have a Moody Monday kitty?  Send me a link and I'll put it up!

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