Why Does Litter Go Flying When Your Cat Uses The Litter Box?

WHY DOES LITTER GO FLYING WHEN YOUR CAT USES THE LITTER BOXIt is not uncommon for your cat to toss litter out of the litter box when they use it.  Elimination behavior is fairly standard throughout the feline world.  When a cat first enters the litter box they dig a small hole and defecate in that hole.  The fun begins when they try to cover or bury the evidence.  Cats can get over enthusiastic covering up what they have left behind.  As a result, if you have provided your cat with a small shallow box, litter can rain like confetti over the area around the box.

Your cat’s ancestors and cats that live in the wild cover their deposits to keep their living area sanitary and prevent prey from finding their territory.  In addition, most litter substances in the wild are grittier and heavier like clay and dirt so the cat must work harder to completely cover their feces.  In a litter box with lighter kitty litter this hard work can translate to a litter shower.

The best way to prevent flying granules is to use a larger litter box or one with higher sides or that is covered.  Should you have a cat with hip or leg problems who requires a shallow sided box consider getting a plastic storage box that is long or wide.  Litter may still be flung but it will not make it out of the box.  It is good practice to get a box that 1 ½ times the length of you cat as measured from his nose to where his tail joins his body.  Most of us tend to purchase litter boxes that are too small.  That is probably the true explanation as to why you find litter granules around the box and all over your floor.

By paying attention to the size of the litter box and the litter habits of your cat you can prevent those gritty little granules from being spread around the litter box and throughout your home. Investing in a good litter mat works too as it scrapes the litter off your cat’s paws and traps flung litter so it does not scatter.  If possible try and keep your litter box away from your main living area on a tile or wood floor. This will keep the litter from high traffic areas. It also makes clean up so much easier.

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