Gifts For Cat Lovers

valentine's gifts for cat lovers

Whether you're looking for gift ideas for the cat lover in your life or you need presents for your cat, here are the top gifts for 2017!

Gift Ideas For Cat Lovers

valentine cat

We all have that one person in our life who just LOVES their cat.  Hey, no judgement here.  This is Crazy Cat Lady Supplies!  We understand crazy cat people!

So what do you get these devoted kitty parents for Valentine's Day?  Have no fear!  Here are the top gifts for 2017: 


Say It With Diamonds

Cats and diamonds?  How can you possibly go wrong?  This 0.51ctw brilliant round cut conflict free diamond pendant makes the purrfect gift for her.  This kitty will sparkle and show her just how much you love her.

Charm Her With Pandora

This authentic Pandora cat charm is sure to make her happy!   Pandora charms let her tell her unique story and celebrate special memories.  This charm is made of sterling silver and will last to pass down from one generation to the next.

Aww!  The Power Of Love!

She'll love this cute necklace featuring a cuddling kitty couple set with black and white diamonds.  The diamonds are certified to be conflict free and the necklace is sterling silver with a spring-ring clasp.  She'll get plenty of compliments when she wears it and you'll feel like a hero because you found such a thoughtful gift.

Tell Time With Kate Spade

Kate Spade makes some of the best accessories out there.  You won't go wrong with a supple vachetta Italian leather band, mother of pearl dial, sparkling crystals, and gold fixtures.  If the cat lady in your life also loves the hottest accessories from New York, she'll be thrilled with this Kate Spade timepiece.

You Can't Have Just One Kate Spade Watch!

Not when there are so many cute designs!  This Kate Spade NY 'Metro' watch features an inquisitive black cat at 6 o'clock and a cute gold bow tie on the bevel.  Great for a weekend casual look!

Rock Your Funky Side

These Betsey Johnson "Skeletons After Dark" cat earrings are handmade with pavé crystals.  Pavé jewelry is renowned for elegance and the illusion of a flawless, stone-encrusted surface.  These earrings are no exception.  These kitties will catch the light at all angles, sparkling and shining, lighting up your face and gaining you compliments wherever you go.

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Carry Kitties With You

This Signare canvas tapestry handbag is adorable with colorful cats woven in.  While this bag may not hold the entire contents of your home, it's roomy enough to be part of your purse rotation.  

These Cute Cats Add Whimsy To Your Purse!

With 6 color combinations to choose from, you're sure to find the perfect bag!  This cotton canvas bag features a kitty couple with rhinestone accents and black jewel eyes.  7 pockets and enough room for your iPad will make you want to carry this purse everywhere!

Channel Your Inner Ariana Grande With This Cat Ear Clutch!

Going to an occasion that doesn't require your ginormous daily bag?  Rock out with this cat ear clutch!  You're going to get compliments every time you take it out! 

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Fashion Forward Gifts For The Cat Lover

The Accessories Make The Woman

You can never have too many shoes and these cute 4" heels will round out your cat lady wardrobe perfectly!

Sophistikitty Heels

You're Never Too Young to be a Crazy Cat Lady!

These children's socks will help your daughter embrace her crazy cat lady tendencies early!  Cute little kitty faces peek out at the top of these darling socks that come in a pack of 5.

Don't Let Your Daughter Have All The Fun!

You can express your cattitude, too, with these kitty crew socks.  They even come with a nice gift box!  Know a crazy cat lady that has everything?  Light up her day with these sassy socks!

Don't Let This Fish Get Away!

Cat Rule #23:  Keep your eye on the fish!  This super cute black cat is eyeing a dangling fish just over your shoulder.  The tunic is a relaxed cut and great for lounging about on a casual day.

Need To Accessorize That Plain Blouse?

This chiffon cat scarf is just the thing!  This pink scarf is covered with kitties to let the world know your cat game is on point!

This Vintage Pencil Dress Has Just Enough Sass

Need to go to a party and don't know what to wear?  This kitty covered pencil dress is just the thing!  Show the world you embrace your individuality with this 50's inspired dress!

Time For a Cat Nap!

Just like shoes, you can never have too many pajamas.  These cat nap pj's are great for lounging around the house while bonding with your cat!  (Like there's anything else we'd do at home!)

Kitty Escape!

Sometimes you just have to let your kitty out!  These hilarious cat panties will make you smile every time you put them on (or maybe when you take them off!)  

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Gifts For The Kitchen

This Cat Will Help You Wake Up The Nice Way!

While having a paw whack you in the face is a great way to wake up, (and feed your cat), this kitchen kitty will help you greet the day with a nice cup of coffee.  And we can't think of anything better!

You Know You Need These!

What else to say about these awesome worldwide famous crochet cat butt coasters? EVERYBODY LOVES THEM! If you are a cat lover, or just like to have fun things in your home, this is perfect! Your friends are gonna love them too.

A Humidifier With Cat Style!

Does the winter air have you all dry and icky?  This cast iron steamer from Plow and Hearth is just what you need.    The steam escapes cat's mouth, providing much-needed moisture in winter's dry air.

Curiosity Stopped The Wine From Spilling!

Curiosity may have killed the cat, but this kitty just wants to check out what's in the bottle.  This super cute wine bottle stopper will protect your precious vino and add charm to your wine cellar.

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Just For Fun

Cats!  Gotta Own Them All!

Imagine a way to keep all the cats without the kitty litter bill!  Here's your chance.  This fun game is good for all ages and he person with the most cats in the end wins!

Well Somebody's Gotta Do It

That kitty litter isn't going to scoop itself, you know.  Here's a gift for those who know who's really in charge.  And we all know that's not you.  😉  

Sweet Kitty, Feisty Kitty, Little Ball Of Fur

Princess, the huggable kitty also has a wild side.  Give her a squeeze and see her inner demon cat come out.  They're great to cuddle and play with, but are also perfect for a hilarious and innocent prank on friends and family.

Gifts For Your Cat

valentine's day cat gifts

Your cat needs stuff, too!  He's been *mostly* good this year and has a list of cool stuff he'd like to see under the tree.  

So don't disappoint Mittens!  Make all his kitty dreams come true with this list of great gifts.

Who Says Your Cat's Christmas Can't Be Stylish?

The Natural Pet Company has put together this megabox of 7 all natural cat toys made from natural wood, sisal, elastic and feathers.  You can have peace of mind while your cat gets busy developing their hunting skills and imagining they're fighting a real bird or mouse!

100% North American Catnip 

If your cat has never had a 100% catnip filled toy, then he's in for a treat!  This carrot shaped Cosmic catnip toy will have him rolling on the floor for hours in kitty ecstasy.  He will kitty kick, roll on, and lick this carrot into submission as the Cosmic catnip calls him back for more.

Your Cat Never Had So Much Fun!

While having some rolled cardboard on a bent wire may not sound too exciting to us, it's magic for your cat!  Even lazy kitties will get interested in this interactive cat toy.  You hold one end and make the "sticks" bounce around on the other end.  Your cat will do the rest!  They just can't resist the movement and you'll wonder why you never thought of this yourself!

Help Your Chubby Kitty Work It Off!

Many cats tend to gain weight as they move from kitten to adult because they aren't as active.  One way to counter this is by having your kitty "work" for their food.  Interactive food dispensers like this PetSafe FUNKitty Egg Cersizer is just the thing!  

Holding up to 1/2 cup of food, your cat will have to knock the egg around to get it's contents dispensed.  This has a few benefits.  One is he'll burn some calories while he "plays" with his food.  And two, it'll prevent binge/purge eating habits where some cats inhale their entire meal then promptly throw it back up.  And no one wants that!  Some cat owners have reported their kitty losing up to 3 pounds by this one change.

You Won't Need The Fire Department For This Tree!

What kitty wouldn't love to have their very own TREE?  This kitty tree made by CatHaven is covered with "leaves" so your kitty can climb and hide and live out his kitty ninja dreams!  Plus at only 5' tall, he can get back down without you needing to get a ladder or call the fire department!

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