Finding A Great Wooden Cat Tree

The Top 5 Wooden Cat Trees

Having a wooden cat tree for your kitty is a big step up the quality ladder over the pressed wood and PVC cat furniture that’s out there. It’s more of an expense, but the higher cost is offset by better quality and the ability to outlast the cheaper kitty condos. Here are the top 5 wood cat towers we’ve found.

New Cat Condos Wood Cat Tower

New Cat Condos Wooden Cat Tree

​This solid wood cat tower made by New Cat Condos is a great addition to your home.  If you have larger or heavier cats, this is a fantastic tall cat tower to have.  

Customers have said their 20+ pound cats fit just fine and the solid wood construction keeps it steady.  ​The platforms, measuring 9.5" across and 7" deep are able to hold your plus size kitty in comfort.  At 6 feet tall, some customers noted a bit of wobble when larger cats jumped on it top platform, but all have said the tower stays steady and does not topple over.

 The nice thing about this cat tower is it comes fully assembled.  All you do it take it out of the box and it's ready to go!  

New Cat Condos Wood Cat Tower

BestPet​ 6' Large Cat Tree

BestPet Large Wooden Cat Tree

If you're looking for a large cat tree where your kitty can climb, hide, and stalk those invisible birdies then look no further!  This 3 column wooden cat tree has 2 boxes for our cat to hide in and plot his next step towards world domination.  There's even a hanging mousie to practice all his slick ninja moves on!

While this does need to be assembled, it can be done in about 20 to 40 minutes.  The instructions are pretty straight forward and make assembly a snap.

One suggestion for a sturdy cat tree that will last longer is to use contact glue when you screw the tree together.  This will help prevent the screws from loosening and stripping out over time.

For the price, this is a great cat tree for one or more cats!

BestPet 6 Foot Large Cat Tree

Armarkat Cat Condo

Armarkat Wood Cat Tower

The Armarkat Cat Condo comes in at 5'8" tall.  It's faux fleece covering is durable and easier to clean than some of the cat tree carpet out there.  With sisal covered posts, your cat will have no trouble climbing and sharpening his claws as he hopping from one level to the next.

​This is a sturdy cat tree for large cats.  People with large kitties up to 20 pounds report this tree withstands the jumping and pounding from bigger cats.  Just like the BestPet tree above, when you put this together, consider using contact glue with the screws to keep them from loosening over time.

​There is a nice box with 2 entrances your kitty can lounge in or lay in wait to pounce on his sibling.  One thing to note is the dangling toy.  Customers report this comes off very easily and the string can be a hazard for your kitty.  You may want to consider not putting it on during assembly.

If you're looking for a quality cat tree at an affordable price, this Armarkat Cat Condo is for you!

Armarkat Cat Condo

Molly and Friends Jungle Gym

Molly and Friends Wooden Cat Furniture

This Molly and Friends wooden cat tree is great for multiple cats and larger cats.  Owners of this solid wood cat condo report the "tree does not move an inch with everyone running and jumping on it."  

The entrance/exit holes are large enough for larger cats to go in and out with no problem.  Your large kitty will love the plush, sturdy tower and all of the levels of play!​

There is a sisal post on the smaller column that some customers report their cats not caring for due to its placement.  This seems to be a minor issue overall and not a large concern.  

​This wood cat tower comes fully assembled, so all you have to do is take it out of the box and it's ready to go!  If you're looking for a solid wood cat tower that your cats will love for years to come, get the Molly and Friends Jungle Gym today!

Molly and Friends Jungle Gym

Vesper Unique Cat Furniture

Vesper Natural Wood Cat Furniture

If you have an uptown cat that prefers a stylish, modern look over the more traditional wooden cat trees, then Vesper's stylish cat furniture is for you!

This stylish cat condo has soft memory foam cushions to lounge on, a cube cave to sleep in, and plenty of sea-grass rope columns to climb and scratch on.  

Owners of this cool kitty condo report the sea-grass has a nice smell and is not as scratchy to the touch as sisal, making it even more attractive to your kitty.

Assembly can be a small challenge, but there is a YouTube video that shows you step by step, making everything much easier to put together.  If you have a large or plus-size kitty, he may not go in the cube cave, but many cat parents report they'll love the top platform to lay on.  

If you would like something stylish and modern that can blend with your decor and still be something your cat will love, then pick up Vesper's unique cat tree today!​

Vesper Unique Cat Furniture

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