Difference between a Dwarf, Teacup and Miniature Cats

Did you know that dwarf and teacup or miniature pets aren’t actually the same thing? There’s a large difference in definition rather than just defining the pet as small and cute. It is common with most types of animals that have been domestically bred, specifically with pet animals such as dogs and cats. But between the two, if you prefer small animals regardless of being miniature and small, cats are literally cuter, smaller and adorable compared to dogs.

Considering their natural size, they are much more adored and people show larger interest when it comes to dwarf, teacup or miniaturize cats. It is because they are ridiculously small since birth throughout adulthood.

These little types of cats are categorized as either teacup or miniature cats. One should know that a category of cats pertaining to size doesn’t actually refer to a breed and is a common misconception of pet and cat owners when asked about the breed of their pet. Dwarf cats, on the other hand, is a specific type of cat breed.

Dwarf Cats

Basically, dwarf cats are a combination of the two different breeds, a result of cross-breeding which produced a new and smaller breed of cat.

The first cat that has been known as a dwarf cat is the Munchkin cat. The breeds that introduced the first dwarf cat to the world came from the line of Persian cat, Sphynx cat, and American Curl cat.

The dwarf cat breed only weighs about 10 pounds or less. By characteristics, they have short and tiny legs that create a cute and adorable motion as they move around. It’s not really a handicap as dwarf breeds are very playful, interactive and human-friendly breeds. The only downside of having a short-legged cat would be that they can’t jump that much like with other breeds of cat.

There are other types of dwarf cats that came from crossbreeding the Persian, Sphynx and American Curl cats which resulted into other cute and adorable dwarf breeds such as Bambino cat, Dwelf cat, Napoleon cat, Skookum cat, Kinkalow cat, Lambkin cat, Genetta cat and Minskin cat. It seems that regardless of the techniques you use, the result will give you either of these dwarf cats from the main combination.

Teacup and Miniature Cats

Miniaturized or teacup size cats are smaller versions of cat where you can commonly found in Persian, Siamese, and some others. Both have the same concept but the sizing scale would indicate that teacup cats are far smaller than regular size cats and compared to miniature cats. The size of a miniaturized cat would be about half the actual size of a specific cat breed. Teacups, however, are far smaller, considerably about the size of a teacup more or less. You might say that teacup cats are a result of genetic abnormalities. It can be true in some cases but thanks to expert breeders, it is now possible to actually breed the type of cat.

Creating teacup and miniaturized version of a cat breed came to the idea of breeders to find the smallest cat they have in a specific generation of a specific breed in the hopes of creating a new genetic line of smaller types of cat. There are some breeders that got a hold of a small cat due to some abnormalities caused by environmental, genetic and hormonal elements that altered the cat size and chose it as the specimen for their experimental breeding. Fortunately, breeders have been successful and most people now enjoy a very cute and adorable version of the cat breed they love.


Again, to remind you about the misconception, teacup cats, and miniature cats are not actual cat breeds but rather a smaller version of a specific type of cat belonging to a specific breed. That’s why we clearly stated earlier that dwarf cats are considered breeds as they are a result of crossbreeding two different cat breeds but teacup and miniature cats are not.

Additionally, miniature and teacup cats are fairly hard to identify. Some people would use the popularity of the cat type just to get in their way of scamming. A few weeks old cats and a miniature or teacup cat doesn’t really have a lot of difference. The only way to find out is after a few weeks or months as a teacup and miniature cats won’t grow in size.


Furthermore, you should think about some considerations for teacup cats or miniature cats as these types of cat are not easy to care of in spite of being cute and adorable. They might be easier to handle but requires a lot of effort as they are healthily and physically fragile.

Smaller breeds or types of cat tend to have health issues such as shortened lifespan, enlargement of the heart, bone decay, seizures, and other more problems.


Cats, in general, are small animals which you can pet at home. However, if you’re not ready to take on the responsibilities that a dwarf, teacup or miniature cats require, then it’s greatly advised to just get a regular breed of cat. Most of these smaller versions of cats, even though they are highly cute and super adorable, usually have some health and physical issues. They are also slightly expensive as they are hard to breed and has a shorter lifespan compared to other breeds or types of cat.


  1. I wish i could afford one. I’m on disability. I use to have a cat named Jake I loved him so much but give him away. Luckily I gave him to my daughters friend. I would love a miniature one.

  2. We have a kitten that picked us. She got pregnant and now has 4 babies. She is about 8inches tall and about 10 inches from shoulder to tail. Is she a teacup kitty,and what ate chances of babies being ‘tiny’ as well?

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