Cat Trees For Large Cats

The Large Cat Tree And Your Kitty

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All cats like to get high…in fact, the higher the better as far as they are concerned. This is where cat trees for large cats can come in handy. Instead of climbing up your bookcase, walking across the top of your kitchen cabinets or perching on your doors, a cat tree can satisfy that instinct all cats have to get vertical. In addition cat trees provide a sense of security and are a great place to get some exercise and have fun. For bigger felines it is important to select the appropriate cat furniture for large cats. It needs to be solid and durable and provide enough of a challenge that your large cat will use it consistently for years to come.

In the following article we will examine the best cat tree for large cats. This will include trees or condos (as they are also called) for the both the single and multi-large cat household. We will look at construction, features and aesthetics of these cat trees to help you determine which cat condo will fit best in your kitty home.

How It's Made

Large cats can be quite unintentionally destructive. Therefore it is very important to find sturdy cat trees for large cats. Begin you review of cat furniture for large cats by looking at the material used to construct the frame of the tree. A large cat tower should have posts made of actual wood and not cardboard or particle board. The wood will last longer and be less like to wobble or collapse. Wood posts can also handle the body weight of several large cats clinging to its sides all at once.

Be sure construction is completed using bolts and screws to hold the cat condos together. Some trees are assembled with glue or nails. Neither is effective at holding a large cat tower together for very long. Both of these materials can pull apart easily under stress.

Cat trees for large house cats should also have some type of covering on the bottom of the base. Typically this is carpet or faux fur. The purpose of the covering is to prevent your hardwood floor from being scratched should the condo slide across the floor. If you have carpet or tile where you are placing you cat three this is not much of a concern.

Large Cat Tree Features

There are a few features that cat tree furniture for large cats should have. Cat perches for large cats should not be simple flat ledges. It is too easy for legs to dangle off causing potential falls or pulled muscles. Look for perches or platforms that are U-shaped and can cradle the cat or have some type of sides around the platform to contain the cat.

Some breeds like Main Coons, Persians and Ragamuffins can be on the shy side. They prefer a cat condo with a sheltered bedding area. Make sure the sheltered area is not at the bottom of the cat tree. As mentioned, cats like to be up high and a bedroom at the bottom of the tree will most likely go untouched.

Keep in mind if you have older cats that they can suffer from a touch of arthritis. It is a good idea to look for ramps or ladders in kitty condos for large cats. These can make it easier for older large cats to reach the higher levels of the cat trees.

All cats need to scratch. Most cat trees have all or part of their posts wrapped in sisal. This rope-like material is a favorite scratching surface for just about every cat breed. Scratching posts for large cats need to have a greater surface area. Therefore the best scratching posts for large cats on cat trees consist of sisal surrounding the entire post and not just a small section of the post. An even better idea is if all of the posts are covered with sisal. This will easily satisfy the needs of a multi cat household.

The Cat Tree Look

cat trees for large cats

The look and style of cat furniture for large cats is, of course, more important to the owner than the cat. Nevertheless, it is a major feature to consider when purchasing a large cat tree. First consider where you wish the cat condo to sit in your home. Consider the dimensions of the space and the dimensions of the cat condo. Be sure the cat tree will fit in that spot.

Also consider the color choice of your cat tree. Most cat condos come with options for color and these choices are typically beige, white, blue, or brown. If you do not see a color complimentary to your décor, ask the manufacturer. You may be able to special order one.

Additional Considerations

As much as they like to feign indifference, most cats prefer to be with their humans. Putting a cat tree in a room that is rarely used will more often than not result in an unused cat tree as well. Placing a cat tree near a window when you have a skittish cat in the household can also result in an unused condo.

Also keep in mind that some cats are more cautious and less curious than their brethren. It may take a considerable amount of time for your cat to get used to this behemoth that has magically appeared in your living room. Placing a favorite toy, blanket or bed near or on the bottom levels of the new condo may help encourage its use.

In multi cat households a few smaller cat trees may be best. If you have large cats that do not get along on prefer to have their own territory it might be beneficial to purchase two or more cat trees. Cat condos for large cats come in all shapes and sizes and not all have to tower up to 6 feet in height. Older cats may actually prefer cat trees that are shorter and perhaps set just under a window where they can sit and watch the birds and squirrels go by all day long.

All in all you know your cat. The best cat condo for large cats is the one that will suit your cat purrrfectly. There is no one best style, make or model. It is all up to your cat and their preferences. However, to get you started on your large cat tower quest here are a few examples of the bestselling kitty condos for large cats.

Our Top 5 Cat Trees For Large Cats

1.  Molly and Friends "Simple Sleeper"

This model contains excellent perches for large cats. The lower level is U-shaped and the upper has a small lip to contain the cat. Both secure the cat perfectly. In addition the larger post is wrapped in sisal both posts are made of and wood and not cardboard.

cat trees for large cats

Customer review:

“My cats loved this the moment they saw it. They scratched on it without any provocation from me. There are two textures to scratch (sisal and carpet), which works out well in my household of finicky cats. This is very sturdy. My 23 lb. cat can jump on it, and scratch it, without any wobbling, and he can comfortably fit on both levels too. The item also shipped incredibly fast. I used standard shipping and I think it arrived in 2-3 days. ”

Molly and Friends "Simple Sleeper"

Check our this made in the USA sturdy sleeper for your kitty now!

2.  New Cat Condos Triple Cat Perch

Another smaller cat tree with perches for 3 large cats. Once again the perches have containment on three sides to keep the cat secure. The open front on the perches makes it easier for older cats to reach up to the highest lever. While sisal does not cover all of the posts, there is enough present on both posts to satisfy larger cats.

cat trees for large cats

Customer Review:

“My cats LOVE it. He is a 20 lb. cat that squeezes himself into the top bunk, leaving the middle for my 15 lb. cat to lounge in. No one uses the bottom except to climb up and down. It sheds, but that’s to be expected when the cats sharpen their nails. Money well spent.”

New Cat Condos Triple Cat Perch

Check our this made in the USA perch that comes in 5 different colors!

3.  Molly and Friends "Step Stool Sleeper"

This is a multi-level very tall cat condo for large cats. It is perfect for the young and active cat as it provides many levels to climb, leap, and jump over. Also, the perches are all either U-shaped or contained with walls to prevent falling. The second tier post is completely wrapped in sisal for a large cat’s scratching needs.

cat trees for large cats

Customer Review:

“Absolutely LOVE this Cat Tower, as do my 4 Maine Coons! They fight over who gets the top bed! So well made and very solid. Love the fact that the carpet goes UNDER the platform (I have hardwood floors) Heavy enough so that it does not move. Easy to clean! Great color!”

Molly and Friends "Step Stool Sleeper"

Check out this made in the USA sleeper with NO ASSEMBLY REQUIRED!

4.  Molly and Friends "Jungle Gym"

This tall cat tree is perfect for large active cats or for a multi-cat household. The enclosed bedroom is ideal for shyer more reclusive cats who prefer a den like sleeping area. There is tunnel for play and sisal around one of the posts for scratching. This is more like a cat gym for large cats than a resting spot.

cat trees for large cats

Customer Review:

“This cat tree is perfect. I have 3 rambunctious cats weighing 18 lbs., 16 lbs., and 11 lbs. The tree does not move an inch with all of them running and jumping on it.  It is extremely well made and in the long run will save me lots of money not having to replace trees every year. Definitely worth every penny.”

Molly and Friends "Jungle Gym"

Check out this made in the USA jungle gym with NO ASSEMBLY REQUIRED!

5.  Molly and Friends "Pinnacle"

Loads of fun for any cat household and built sturdy to handle even the largest of cats. The extra feature in this large cat condo is the hammocks. This is a favorite feature of my own two cats. The weight of the cat itself provides the security so the cat will not easily fall out of these beds. One-half post covered with sisal provides plenty of scratching room and the enclosed sleeping quarters at the very top is the purrfect addition to this large cat tree.

cat trees for large cats

Customer Review:

“I have two extremely athletic big cats – both over 15 pounds. They have literally blown over smaller cat towers. Not this one – they can both hit it and climb at full speed, wrestle on the top, it’s absolutely the most incredible thing. My husband thought I was crazy to buy something so large – but now it’s a fixture of our household. Excellent, quality and durability.”

Molly and Friends "Pinnacle"

Check out this made in the USA jungle gym with NO ASSEMBLY REQUIRED!


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