Himalayan Cat Breed

The Himalayan Cat

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The Himalayan is loving, quiet and calm. While this breed does not demand attention, all they want is to do is sit in a lap and be petted and adored as is their right. If children are gentle this cat will be happy to be pushed around in a stroller or combed and fussed on all day. While affectionate towards his people, the Himalayan is cautious with strangers.

A busy household might not be suitable for this breed. They are sedate and prefer quiet homes where there is consistency and peace. Not a big climber, these cats are happy to rule the home from a floor or the chair. A short cat condo perfectly suits the Himalayan.

Breed Characteristics

Life Span

9-15 years


7-12 lbs







Pet Friendly

Easy To Groom​

Friendly To Stangers


Health related issues are mostly due to the flat skeletal structure of their skull.

  • Noisy breathing or difficulty breathing can occur due to the shortened nasal passages.
  • Crooked teeth
  • Excessive tearing
  • Eye diseases like entropion, cherry eye or progressive retinal atrophy
  • ​Feline hyperesthesia syndrome, a nervous system disorder
  • ​Sensitivity to high temperatures.
  • ​Kidney disease (Polycystitis)
  • ​Ringworm
  • A skin disease called Seborrhea oleosa causing red skin and itchiness.


Himalayan’s do require daily brushing. Bathing monthly is also a must to keep fur shiny and silke soft.

Brush teeth daily of possible. Nails should be trimmed monthly. Eye discharge can be cleaned with a clean soft damp cloth. Check ears regularly and clean any dirt with a cotton ball. If the ears smell yeasty or your cat is shaking his head a lot seek medical attention.

The litter box should be cleaned daily. A dirty box can result in your Himalayan eliminating in other areas of your home.

The Himalayan should be kept inside or supervised or in a cat enclosure outdoors. This will prevent harm due to predators like dogs or coyotes, diseases from other cats and someone stealing this beautiful cat.

Coat Color

The Himalayan is bred for point coloring and can be: blue, lilac, chocolate, seal, cream, red, chocolate-tortie, tortie, blue-cream, , lilac-cream, red lynx, cream lynx, seal lynx, blue lynx tortie lynx, chocolate lynx, chocolate-tortie lynx, blue-cream lynx, lilac lynx, and lilac-cream lynx. The torso can range is shades from a creamy white to a soft fawn. Coloring appears only on the face, ears, feet and tail. The Himalayan’s eyes only come in blue.

Children and Other Pets

Himalayans prefer a quiet lifestyle and are not suited to very active children and dogs. They do enjoy time with children who are quiet and gentle and can snuggle up to a calm dog.

Rescue Groups

Persian and Himalayan Rescue

Purebred Cat Breed Rescue​