Foldex Cat

The Foldex Cat

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The Foldex cat is known for being cheerful and easy going. Their innate curiosity combined with their extreme intelligence means these cats must be kept entertained and busy or havoc can ensue. They are quite active as kittens and adults and are truly suited to their calling as a family pet. They bond well with children who can spend their time teaching the Foldex to fetch and do other fun tricks. The Foldex is also an affectionate breed, and will not only be happy to curl up in their person’s lap but will quickly approach strangers with ease and confidence.

Breed Characteristics

Life Span

12-15 years


6-14 lbs







Pet Friendly

Easy To Groom​


The Foldex can be born with bone deformities. Unfortunately they are not readily seen in kittens. This is a genetic trait that is the result of breeding between two folded ear cats. It is best to make sure your kitten was bred from a cross between a straight ear and a folded ear cat. Otherwise these cats are quite hardy with few health problems.

foldex cat


The Foldex cat can have either short or long hair. Short coats should be brushed weekly while the longer haired cat needs a brushing 2-3 times a week. This will remove dead hear, prevent knots and matts and keep the coat nice and shiny and soft.

Teeth should be brushed daily or as often as possible. Nails should be trimmed monthly. Discharge from their eyes can be removed gently with a soft wet cloth. Cats with folded ears need special attention. Make sure the ears are clean. If they appear to have dirt wipe gently with a cotton ball. If your Foldex ears have a yeasty smell or your cat shakes his head persistently seek medical care.

The Foldex should be kept indoors only. They are a rare breed and owner’s risk their cats being stolen if let outside unsupervised. Be sure the litter box is cleaned daily as the Foldex is a very particular creature when it comes to cleanliness and will go outside the litter box if he considers it to be dirty.

Coat Color

The Foldex comes is just about every color in the cat spectrum from pure white to the darkest black. Pointed cats are quite common as are lilac, silver, cinnamon tabby. They can also be calico or bicolor. Their fur can be short, medium or long.

Children and Other Pets

The Foldex gets along with everyone. They are especially good with children and will enjoy a ride in a toy stroller or wagon. They are smart so children will have fun teaching them tricks. This breed also gets along well with other cat friendly pets including dogs, birds, and smaller pets.