American Shorthair Cat

The American Shorthair Cat

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The American Shorthair is neither hyperactive nor a couch potato. Fairly calm and moderately active they like some playtime but do not always have to be the center of attention. These cats were bred as mousers so they are intelligent and like a challenge. Interactive toys are best to keep this breed stimulated.

While they are fairly adaptable and social American Shorthairs are not a fan of being carried. However, they do occasionally enjoy a warm lap to curl up in.

Breed Characteristics

Life Span

9-15 years


6-10 lbs







Pet Friendly

Easy To Groom​


Some health related issues of Abyssinians include:

  • Early tooth and gum disease
  • Hyperesthesia syndrome. This neurological disorder causes cats to excessively groom and panic when touched.
  • Dislocation of kneecaps called Patellar Luxation
  • Eye disease
  • PKD or Pyruvate kinase deficiency.
  • Kidney disease (Renal amyloidosis) that can lead to kidney failure


These cats required regular brushing 2-3 times a week. Daily tooth brushing and monthly nail trimming are also a best practice for American Shorthairs. Keep an eye on their ears and seek medical attention if the ears smell yeasty or your cat persistently shakes its head. A cottonball can be used to clean out the inside of the ear. Do not use cotton swabs.

Because American Shorthairs are not the most energetic and they do love food it is easy for them to put on too much weight. To prevent this do not free feed this breed but give them measured feedings.

Cats in general are particular about their litter box and will go outside the box if they deem it dirty. Be sure to scoop the litter daily.

Keep your cat indoors to prevent them from getting diseases or worms carried by other cats. This will also protect them from dogs or coyotes and other wildlife, cars, and those who wish to steal them.

Coat Color

The American Shorthair’s coat is thick and short. There are a myriad of colors and patters including: calico, tabby, solid, particolor, tortoiseshell, bicolor and more. The most popular color is the silver tabby; a silver base with and overlay of black. It is quite striking.

Children and Other Pets

The American Shorthair is a good family cat. They get along well with children and other cats and dogs in the family. They are capable of learning some tricks and they love it when their children lavish them with hugs, kisses and play time. As this cat was bred to be a hunter introduce birds and small pets slowly and under close supervision.

Rescue Groups

Purebred Cat Rescue