American Curl Cat

The American Curl Cat

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The American Curl is sweet and loves people, especially children and will often seek out their companionship. This breed is quite intelligent and will follow their human around more out of curiosity than attention. Instead he will wait for you to initiate cuddles and pats. Called the Peter Pan of the cat world the American Curl will remain playful throughout their life. Because they are so smart they learn to play fetch and do tricks quite easily. However their intelligence can lead to undesired behaviors such as opening kitchen cabinets or the door to a closed off room. Cat proofing the home is a good idea with this breed. At the end of the day the American Curl will joyously settle into any family lap for affection and a nap. Adaptable and always alert, this is the perfect cat for just about any household.

Breed Characteristics

Life Span

12-16 years


5-10 lbs







Pet Friendly

Easy To Groom​


For the most part the American Curl is quite healthy. The only real issue that may pop up is with their ears. Some Curls are born with narrow ear canals. This can allow dirt to get trapped in the ear and wax to build up. This makes them prone to ear infections. Watch for incessant head shaking, scratching around the ear and a yeasty odor coming from the ear. If your cat has any of these medical symptoms seek veterinary care immediately.


The American Curl can have either short or long hair. Because there is almost no undercoat on the long haired version combing can be kept to once a week for both varieties. Running a comb backwards through the short haired Curl’s cot will snag the dead hair and make the coat soft and shine. Short haired American Curls shed throughout the year and in quantities greater their long haired cousins. Baths are not needed an only when the cat gets dirty.

Teeth should be brushed daily or as often as possible. Nails should be trimmed monthly. Discharge from their eyes can be removed gently with a soft wet cloth. Cats with folded ears need special attention. Make sure the ears are clean.

The American Curl should be kept indoors only. They are a rare breed and owner’s risk their cats being stolen if let outside unsupervised. Be sure the litter box is cleaned daily as the Curl is a very particular creature when it comes to cleanliness and will go outside the litter box if he considers it to be dirty.

Coat Color

The Curl is best known for their ears but their coat is quite beautiful all on its own. Coloring can vary and includes lilac lynx point, tortoiseshell chocolate smoke, and silver tabby. The tail of the longhaired Curl is very feathery and quite beautiful. Curls are born with straight ears that will curl back 2 to 10 days after they are born. Their final shape is reached by the time the kitten is around 4 months old.

Children and Other Pets

The American Curl gets along well with children who are taught to handle a cat gently. They have enough energy to keep up with the active child but will also curl up on a lap and enjoy listening to their child read to them. They get along fine with dogs that get along with them. In fact, they can bond quite will with the dogs in the household and become genuine friends.

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