Abyssinian Cat

The Abysinnian Cat

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The Abyssinian is a party cat and play is his middle name. Being intelligent and inquisitive, nothing escapes his attention. While this can make for a houseful of laughter the Aby owner must stay on their toes anticipating their cat’s next move. You never know what your Aby will do next, and if you are busy with a task rest assured your Abyssinian will be eager to lend you a paw or at the very least demand you stop what you are doing and pay attention to him .

Because this cat is always on the move and full of curiosity be sure to have plenty of toys around to keep him occupies. Interactive toys will keep him busy while you are attending to other matters and a simple wadded up piece of paper can be a fun hour spent with you and your Aby. They actually can be taught to retrieve.  

Abyssinians like to be as high up as possible so do not assume putting your valuables on a top shelf will keep them safe. Distract your Aby from these areas with strategically placed kitty trees that go to your ceiling. Be sure to put one of these trees in the main part of your home where you spend most of your time as you Aby will insist on being near you. Because Aby’s love attention, if you work most of the day, arrange for a companion such as a dog or another equally active Abyssinian. A bored Aby will lead to a trashed home.

Breed Characteristics

Life Span

15-20 years


7-12 lbs







Pet Friendly

Easy To Groom​


For the most part American Shorthair cats are quite healthy. Heart disease has been seen in the breed but further studies are needed to determine if it is an inherited trait.


Abyssinians have short hair so minimal care is required. Regular brushing & bathing will help to remove shedding hair faster and decrease sweeping and vacuuming around the house.Because these cats are prone to gum disease it is important to try and brush their teeth as often as possible. Nails should be trimmed monthly. Discharge from their eyes can be removed gently with a soft wet cloth. Make sure the ears are clean. If they appear to have dirt wipe gently with a cotton ball. If your Aby’s ears have a yeasty smell or he shakes his head persistently seek medical care.

Abyssinians should be kept indoors only. They are a popular breed and owner’s risk their cats being stolen if let outside unsupervised. Be sure the litter box is cleaned daily as Aby’s are very particular creatures when it comes to cleanliness and will go outside the litter box if they consider it to be dirty.

Coat Color

The Abyssinian coat comes if 4 basic colors: burnt sienna overlaid with dark brown or black,cinnamon overlaid with muddy brown, beige overlaid with a bluish tone, and fawn overlaid with cocoa. Nose color will also vary and can range from brick red to pink. Other rarer coat colors include silver, lilac and chocolate.

Children and Other Pets

The Abyssinian is the perfect choice for a busy household. These cats get along wonderfully with children, other cats and dogs and even ferrets and parrots. They learn quickly to keep away from baby and toddler’s grabby hands and can keep up with the energy level of older children. It can be quite fun for kids to teach them fetch and other tricks.

Rescue Groups

National Abyssinian Rescue